Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Untitled Boat in Blues

Pat Hughes acquired this scene in the early sixties. Dick utilizes pallet knife and muted color scheme. The frame is standard Dick Burg - Mexican Frames all the way.
Untitled Boat in Blues, 12x16, Oil on Canvas Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Hughes.

Portrait, Man with Red Tie

There are gems in the early studies. The brush work here is exciting and exhilarating. The unfinished aspect of this painting is what I enjoy the most.

Untitled Portrait Man with Red Tie, 16x20, Oil on Gesso on Masonite, Unframed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Large Hands

Here are two of Dick’s larger works. The distinctive aspect of these and most of Dick’s full length portraits, especially with men, is an emphasis on large hands. I remember asking him why he did this and he told me that he had learned it early on as a way to solidify the model and bring it to completion. It gave the illusion of proper proportions.

Untitled, Man with Leg Up, 24x36, Oil on Masonite, Signed BURG on back, Framed, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Untitled, Worker with Sombrero, 24x36, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Melissa Burg

Dick’s daughter, Melissa was a model several times. Also Dick had her portrait done by a good friend Charlie Cross. They bartered through paintings.

The date of this painting would be 1971. Melissa's graduation from Mary Mount High School, off Sunset Blvd, just up from UCLA.

Melissa has gone on to be a successful Water Color Artist in her own right.

Portrait of Melissa Burg, 20x24, Oil on Canvas on Masonite, Unframed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Melissa Burg Adkison.

Portrait of Melissa Burg, Charcoal on Paper, 8 x10, by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Melissa Burg Adkison.

1909 Stoddard Dayton

Certain Paintings had the distinct honor of gracing the walls of the Burg house on Muskingum Avenue. One in particular was in the living room for many years, the 1909 Stoddard Dayton. This painting also appeared in one of Dick’s versions of his brochure. It was too bad that he did not spend the extra money to have it reproduced in color. The difference is staggering.

Growing up in an artist’s household was fortunate. We all lived in a gallery to view paintings on a regular basis, a visual education so to speak.

#30 1909 Stoddard Dayton, 16x20, Oil on Canvas, Framed, signed by Dick Burg upper Right, On reverse signed Burg, 887 Muskingum, Pac. Pal., Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Retirement From Hallmark

Dick Burg Retirement Paint by Numbers Picture by Jim Wemolina, Dates of employment 28 April,1941 to 30 September 1976, Signed by Dick’s good friends Bob Chaudoin, started in 1941 and Gene Smith, started in 1937.

Dick was a well respected and successful Executive Salesman with the Hallmark Company
on Olive Street in down town Los Angeles, California for 35 years. He was the recipient of many awards and was in the Million Dollar Club as well.

Mock-up of Hallmark Company in Kansas City MO. Mr J. C. Hall Founder 1910 and Chairman, Son Donald Hall President.

La Quinta, California Studies.

Dick’s interest in the desert atmosphere is apparent. These studies capture the hot dry air and fauna of desert terrain. Wispy Smoke trees and Creosote commonly fill the canvas. The barren rocky foothills in perspective lend a desolate solitude also.

Untitled, Desert Study, Tree and Raod, 16x20, Oil on Canvas masonite, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Hughes.

Untitled, Desert Study, 16x20, Oil on canvas masonite, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs Kieran Hughes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have to admit that I framed this work. After being given permission to have it from many in the basement studio, I took it with me when I moved to Colorado in 1984 and it patiently waited to be framed. When I acquired the Colorado Gallery and Framing Store in Blend, Colorado, I had the means to do it justice. It hung in the living room of my house in Rye for 12 years. The painting has a European flavor. The mixture of red and greens is marvelous. The water’s reflection is so soothing and executed nicely.
Untitled, Church, Bridge and River, Oil on Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Unfinished Work

Unfinished works can have that look and feel of incompleteness. When Dick left this unfinished and unsigned he may have been unsatisfied or it was simply a toss off. I think it is modern in the sense that it has a southwestern feel. It is post-impressionism, with a very free and quick application of paint. Wonderful negative and positive spaces. The use of chiaroscuro in the right side of painting is quite effective. He even leave the canvas to show through as water colorists do. It stacks up there with my favorites.

Untitled, Seated Lady in Red Shawl, 12x16, Oil on Canavas, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg

Nude Studies

Dick took Classes in figure painting early in his career in California. Here are two distinctly different nudes. The first has a snow white pallet of the skin and a moderate voluptuousness and the second is imbued with slashes of color and a sinuous athletic body. What is similar is the peculiar smirk on each of the ladies.

Nude Study with Red Shawl, 24x30, Oil on Masonite, Unframed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Nude Study, Seated in Red, 24x30, Oil on canvas-Masonite, Unframed, Signed by Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Still Life in Monochrome

Monochrome is using different shades of the same color. These two were probably studies for that very purpose. They have a dated quality about them. The looseness and broad paint strokes give the reflections excitement.

Still Life in Monochrome, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed by Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg

Still Life in Monochrome, Oil on Masonite, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Art Show in Pacific Palisades 1988

This is a post card invitation for an art show in the Pacific Palisades. Dick is listed sixth down. Glendale Federal was the bank that both Dick and I used as our main bank.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet Finds

SAN LUIS OBISPO BARN, oil painting on board, 18 x 24, signed lower left by Dick Burg

OLD BARN, oil painting on board, 16 x 12, signed lower left by Dick Burg.
These pieces are from the estate of Robert Gumbiner, a physician and HMO pioneer who built the managed-care giant FHP and then used his fortune to found the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Clark Cierlak Fine Arts,14452 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA. handled the sale.

Early Study, Woman Reading Book

This is from the classes that Dick took in his early development as an artist/painter
Untilted, Woman Reading Book, 24x30, Oil on Canvas,Unsigned, Unframed, By Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.


The Barnyard Sentinel, 24x30, Oil on Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Coutesy of Pat Hughes.

Untitled, Barn, Acrylic on Masonite, Demo, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.
There exists a calender from 1977 with indication of many informative dates in California.
18 Class. Deliver paint for Prudential Show...
21 Demo, Fresno
1,8,15,29 - Class
20 Demo. Hancock Park. Deliver painting for EBELL
2 One Man Show Kirkeby Center for All month.
15 Paramount Demo. 7:30
30 San Gabriel Fine Atr's Association Show.
11 Reception EBELL Club
15 SGFAA Luncheon
23 Ben Abril
28 Last Class
22 BMAI Class
29 Demonstration BMAI
3 San Gabriel Fine Atr's Association Show
4 SGFAA Show. Demonstration 1:00 PM
12 Demo. Gardena Valley Art Assn. 1700 W. 162nd St. Gardena. Gardena Com. Center 9:30.
18 Demo. Marina Del Rey 3731 Wade Aug 7:30 P.M.
19 Demo. South Gate Art association, 7:30

Nude Study

This early study was probably done while Dick was attending classes at BMAI.
Nude Study Bold Black Outlines, 20x24, Oil on Masonite, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Coutesy of Peter Burg.


This work was found by Carl Calkins via e-bay from a Missouri antique shop in 2001. He traded this work for a piece I had called Julian's Own.

Mississippi Dredge, 15x30, Acrylic on Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, #11 in a show, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

#120, Julian's Own, 18x24,Acrylic,Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Carl Calkins.


Here is a pieces that my friend Carl Calkins sent to me. He purchased this on e-bay in 2002 from California. I believe this to be a demonstration painting that Dick was well know for doing during his classes at BMAI or San Gabriel Fine Art’s Association. I have put two other more finished works below so you can get some perspective on what Dick was able to accomplish in an hour or two. Compared to the leisure of his private studio.
Untitled, 18x24, Acrylic Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Carl Calkins

This is the more finished of the three, larger color spectrum and detail. It is elaborate with the distictive "Dick Burg Dots".

Top of the Hill by Dick Burg, 18x24, Acrylic on Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Pat Hughes.

#132 Fallbrook Barn, 18x24, Acrylic on Masonite,Framed, Signed, by Dick Burg,
Coutesy of Peter Burg.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, September 13, 1911

Today would be Dick's 99th Birthday. I have learnd so much about him by doing this blog.

There are so many painting that will not be pubished here becaues I don't know where they are, but I will keep looking and will enjoy each discovery.

Self Portrait, 12x16, Oil on Canvas pannel, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

Untitled, Landscape-Tree

The foothills of California are what I remember when I think of hitch hiking up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. The Oak trees and orange poppies.
Untitled, Landscape-Tree, 12x16, Oil on Canvas Pannel, Framed, Signed Burg,
Courtesy of Peter Burg

Nude Back

This nude came in a stack of large panitings all done on masonite from the estate when Dick passed. These were from the early years of Dick's painting career.
This is an amazing painting with superb flesh tones and a wonderful harmonious color pallet.
Untitled, Nude Back, 20x24, Oil on Masonite,Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, courtesy of Pat Hughes.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photo Montage

Thought I'd do a little photo montage from the past inorder to get some insight on the man.

Richard O. and Betty G. Burg (Sophia Elizabeth Gross)1940's.

Betty 1943 at the Miramar Club.

Dick at the beach in California.

Betty and son, Ricky at Santa Monica Beach, 1943.

Betty and Dick 1940's

Retrospective At Colorado Gallery 1995

One of the Many works in Retrospective of 1995 at Colorado Gallery.

#56 The Vacquero O., 20x24, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

A study drawing of Capistrano Depot that Dick did for a painting that ended up on a calender. It shows many details and the exstent an artist goes to prepare for larger works. This style is very reminiscent of his friend and artist Don Miles.

It was used as the front of the invitation for the Retrospective Show 1995.

Invitation to Retrospective of Dick Burg Paintings, Coloraod Gallery, 1995.

(Page 2 Greenhorn Valley News,
Thursday, February 2, 1995)

Art Show
Retrospect of
Dick Burg’s

An art showing at The
Colorado Gallery beginning
On February 3 will feature a
retrospect of approximately
30 piesces of privately owned
art by Dick Burg (1911-1994).
Styles include acrylic, oils,
pastels and charcoal. There is
no charge for the showing,
and the paintings are not for
Burg, father of Pat Hughes
And Peter Burg of Rye, passed
Away in August. 1994. Born
In Missouri, he moved to
California in the 1950’s and
worked for Hallmark as an
executive for 35 years.
The Colorado Gallery is
located at 2403 Santa Fe Drive,
Old Highway 50 East, in
Blend. The Gallery is open
Tuesday through Saturday
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(Page 2C The Chieftain, Pueblo, Colorado,
Friday 3, 1995)

Burg Retrospective

A retrospective of the paintings
of the late artist Dick Burg will
open tonight at 5 with a reception
at the Colorado Gallery, 2403
Santa Fe Drive in Blende.
Burg’s Paintings, loaned for the
month long showing by his son
and daughter, include portraits,
landscapes and seascapes done in
charcoals, pastels, oils, and acrylics.
Call 543-1877 for more information.

Peter owned and operated the Colorado Gallery from August 1993 to July of 1995. The Gallery handled 25 local artists, sold art gifts and specialized in custom framing.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Landscapes were a large part of Dick's work. Here are an assortment of diverse styles and periods

Untitled Water landscape, 16x20, Oil on Canvas board, Framed, Unsigned by Dick Burg.
Coutesy of Pat Hughes

Untitled, Tree, 9x12, Oil on masonite, Pallet Knife, Framed, Signed Dick Burg.
Courtesy of Pat Hughes

Land Scape(Lake and Trees), 20x24, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed Burg.
Courtsey of Bill Englesmann

Rare Print

This rare print was discovered in batch of drawings and material from Dick's youth. It dates from the 1920's
Courtesy of Peter Burg

Mood Mexico

A view of the first two pages of Dick’s guest book for the exhibit, “Mood Mexico” By Dick Burg, San Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery, December 1986. On Page two the signature of good friend Carl Albert, whom Dick spent many hours painting desert landscapes together. Below that, is long time friend, Gene Smith, who also worked at Hallmark.

Several of the painting in the show were more than likely images from and around Taxco, just southwest of Mexico City and Pachuca, on the northeast side. Dick visited Taxco in 1984 and Pachuca in 1968.

Dick Burg at the Muskingum House, Pacific Palisades, Californis 1987.

Untitled, 20x24, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed lower left by Dick Burg.
Courtest of Bill Englesmann

Untitled, Plateria Ailvina, 24x30 Oil on Masonite, Framed, Signed Dick Burg.
Courtesy of Pat Hughes