Monday, November 13, 2017

On Top Of The World

Another snippet from High School Paper.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings drawn by Dick for his High School paper (Rough Riders, circa 1929).

Drum Majorette

A wonderfully joyous print by Dick, probably produced in the late twenties. 

Hallmark Newsletter


Hallmark supported Dick by posting several brief articles regarding some of his paintings which were on display in the company's main office in Kansas City.   

Hallmark Honors

The Hallmark Company honored its sales personnel with award plaques. Dick received several throughout his career. Individual Sales Achievement, 5 Million and 3 Million (in sales), Man of the Year in his region 1964, and Professional Salesman of the Month, April 1974.


Dick as he appeared in 1941 in Hallmark's annual news letter. He was a new recruit.


Several ribbons awarded to Dick.
The Ebell of Los Angeles - May 1984 for (Marine) 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - March 1985, Oil, "Parada De Autobus", 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - March 1984, (Marine) 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - Feb-March 1984 (Genre) 1st Place
PPAA (Pacific Palisades Art Association) - May 7, 1988 Oil, "Honfleur Harbor", 2nd Place