Monday, November 13, 2017

On Top Of The World

Another snippet from High School Paper.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings drawn by Dick for his High School paper (Rough Riders, circa 1929).

Drum Majorette

A wonderfully joyous print by Dick, probably produced in the late twenties. 

Hallmark Newsletter


Hallmark supported Dick by posting several brief articles regarding some of his paintings which were on display in the company's main office in Kansas City.   

Hallmark Honors

The Hallmark Company honored its sales personnel with award plaques. Dick received several throughout his career. Individual Sales Achievement, 5 Million and 3 Million (in sales), Man of the Year in his region 1964, and Professional Salesman of the Month, April 1974.


Dick as he appeared in 1941 in Hallmark's annual news letter. He was a new recruit.


Several ribbons awarded to Dick.
The Ebell of Los Angeles - May 1984 for (Marine) 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - March 1985, Oil, "Parada De Autobus", 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - March 1984, (Marine) 1st Place
The Ebell of Los Angeles - Feb-March 1984 (Genre) 1st Place
PPAA (Pacific Palisades Art Association) - May 7, 1988 Oil, "Honfleur Harbor", 2nd Place

Monday, October 30, 2017

Clayton Girl

One of Dick's doodles during his High School Days.

Tony Wons

Tony Wons was a radio personality. He read plays and poetry and somehow came to the attention of Hallmark greetings cards. In 1938 they sponsored a program that led in to the early 1940s Tony's Scrap Book. It was popular enough that a book based on the program stayed in print thru 1944. The program featured Tony Wons chatting with listeners, sharing sentiments from Hallmark cards, and ending the program with: "Look on the back for the identifying mark a Hallmark card." The shows were syndicated on CBS.

Charlotte Greenwood

Through Hallmark, Dick had the opportunity to meet Charlotte Greenwood.

Sponsored by Pepsodent and later Hallmark Cards, The Charlotte Greenwood Show, a situation comedy that ran from 1941 to 1946, was originally a summer stand in for the Bob Hope Show. After enjoying a highly popular summer, the show went on to enjoy five years on the air.

Frances Charlotte Greenwood (June 25, 1890 – December 28, 1977) was an American actress and dancer. Born in Philadelphia, Greenwood started in vaudeville, and starred on Broadway, movies and radio. Standing around six feet tall, she was best known for her long legs and high kicks. She earned the unique praise of being, in her words, the "...only woman in the world who could kick a  giraffe in the eye." she ia also known for her role in the movie Oklahoma.


Helen Braunschweiger - Early Morning-Palm Desert 

When my mother passed away one of the many sympathy cards that my father received was from a talented painter and contemporary of Dick's, Helen Braunschweiger. Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Indio were favorite locations for both these painters.

South Of The Boarder Betty

A wonderful photograph of my mother donning a sombrero. She did have a brother that lived in Albuquerque New Mexico. It may have been taken there.

G. H. Packwood manufacturing Co.

While searching through a box of my father's memorabilia I was astonished to find out that he worked for G. H. Packwood Manufacturing Co. in St. Louis, Missouri, prior to working for the Hallmark Co. He was a salesman and as I discovered, a cartoonist/graphic designer.

This is just one of many cartoons that were used for the company's various brochures and advertisements.

Gallery Signage

This poster hung in Dick's painting studio which was located in the basement of our tri-level house in Pacific Palisades. It was cold and damp and often flooded during rainy periods.

Artist In Studio

I can't remember my father sporting a tie while paint, but I was the youngest and styles became more relaxed as the sixties gave way to the seventies...

Brochure Centerfold Enlargment

This enlargement shows a crowded market place with many figures. I envision Olvera Street in Los Angeles as it may have appeared in the late 1800's

Early Brochure

This brochure probably dates from the mid to late sixties. Notice the pipe and that he used Richard instead of Dick. His career with the Hallmark  was still in full swing. Dick painted in the evenings when ever possible and on weekends as free time allotted.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Selling Like Hotcakes!

"ORIGINAL 1960s LISTED CA~CALIFORNIA ARTIST DICK BURG 17"X23" OIL PAINTING+FRAME". As listed on ebay.  It is highly possible this Painting is acrylic.
-Peter Burg

The Boathouse Has Come Home

The Boathouse was used numerous time in Dick's brochures. Recently it was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter, Marcella by her husband David.

Discovered On ebay

A friend from California alerted me that one of my fathers paintings was up for bid on ebay. After a quick search I located it. A desert wash scene somewhere in Indio or Palm Desert, California. Dick often ventured to the desert to paint and occasionally I would accompany him. Oil and canvass, 26x32 including frame.
-Peter Burg

Multiple Uses Of A Study.

 This study was discovered amongst my sister, Melissa's early works.The painting was fashioned into a folder to hold her works. Notice small holes on the left side. This sassy  barmaid or entertainer has been hidden for years. My father was extremely handy and helpful. He assisted my sister in her studies of art and painting with advice and in practical matter such as transporting artwork. Oil on cardboard canvass, 24X30, Courtesy of Peter Edward Burg.
-Peter Burg