Thursday, May 11, 2017

Selling Like Hotcakes!

"ORIGINAL 1960s LISTED CA~CALIFORNIA ARTIST DICK BURG 17"X23" OIL PAINTING+FRAME". As listed on ebay.  It is highly possible this Painting is acrylic.
-Peter Burg

The Boathouse Has Come Home

The Boathouse was used numerous time in Dick's brochures. Recently it was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter, Marcella by her husband David.

Discovered On ebay

A friend from California alerted me that one of my fathers paintings was up for bid on ebay. After a quick search I located it. A desert wash scene somewhere in Indio or Palm Desert, California. Dick often ventured to the desert to paint and occasionally I would accompany him. Oil and canvass, 26x32 including frame.
-Peter Burg

Multiple Uses Of A Study.

 This study was discovered amongst my sister, Melissa's early works.The painting was fashioned into a folder to hold her works. Notice small holes on the left side. This sassy  barmaid or entertainer has been hidden for years. My father was extremely handy and helpful. He assisted my sister in her studies of art and painting with advice and in practical matter such as transporting artwork. Oil on cardboard canvass, 24X30, Courtesy of Peter Edward Burg.
-Peter Burg