Friday, July 23, 2010

The Art of Dick Burg

The Art of Dick Burg
(Taken from artist brochure circa 1980)
Dick Burg, a graduate of Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., associated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. for 35 years, has been painting professionally since 1959.
Mr. Burg paints in most media but specializes in oils and acrylics. He favors the palette knife technique to attain distinctive textures.
Living and working for the past 36 years in a home overlooking the Pacific, he has learned to understand and reproduce on canvas the subtle greys that are so characteristic of the marine scene; the constant moving of ships, the misty wetness of harbors and piers. Because of this the marine scene might be his favorite subject matter. He also excels in painting weathered buildings in historical settings and picturesque desert scenes.
Dick Burg’s paintings are owned by collectors from coast to coast and several are permanently hanging in the executive offices of Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Mo. He is represented in prominent galleries throughout the Southland.
He has been a consistent award winner in Southern California, receiving numerous medals and ribbons, including Best of Show, California Art Club; Presidential Award, San Gabriel Fine Arts Assn.; Medal Winner, Los Angeles City Art Festival; Artist of the Year, Businessmen’s Art Institute; and Best of Show share Presbyterian Show, Pasadena, Ca.
Invitational Shows in which Mr. Burg has participated include The Frank Tenney Johnson Show, The Showcase 21 Show, The Disney Artist for Cal. State, The City of Paramount Traditional Art Show, and The Ft. Robinson Show.
Other activities include demonstrating, judging shows in Southern California, and conducting workshops. Mr. Burg has had many one man Shows including the recent “MOOD MEXICO” at San Gabriel, California; a mixed media Show at The Winston Churchill Memorial Library, Fulton, Misouri; at the Missouri Athletic Club Gallery in St. Louis, Mo. and Prys Gallery in Los Olives, California. Mr. Burg’s paintings also featured at the Montecito Gallery in Montecito, California.

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