Friday, September 10, 2010

Mood Mexico

A view of the first two pages of Dick’s guest book for the exhibit, “Mood Mexico” By Dick Burg, San Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery, December 1986. On Page two the signature of good friend Carl Albert, whom Dick spent many hours painting desert landscapes together. Below that, is long time friend, Gene Smith, who also worked at Hallmark.

Several of the painting in the show were more than likely images from and around Taxco, just southwest of Mexico City and Pachuca, on the northeast side. Dick visited Taxco in 1984 and Pachuca in 1968.

Dick Burg at the Muskingum House, Pacific Palisades, Californis 1987.

Untitled, 20x24, Oil on Canvas, Framed, Signed lower left by Dick Burg.
Courtest of Bill Englesmann

Untitled, Plateria Ailvina, 24x30 Oil on Masonite, Framed, Signed Dick Burg.
Courtesy of Pat Hughes

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