Thursday, August 12, 2010

Untitled, Bunker Hill Scenes

Untitled Cafe Scene, Bunker Hill, 9x12, Oil Masonite, Pallet Knife, Framed, Signed Burg. Curtesy of Pat Hughes

Untitled Cafe Scene, Bunker Hill, Unfinished, Oil on Canvas, Unframed, Unsigned by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

With exaggerated colors and strong pallet knife execution, Dick brings to life this haunted mansion in the Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles. Dick claimed that this was simply an exercise in color with the Bunker Hill House as the subject.

Oil on Masonite, 12x16, Pallet Knife by Dick Burg, Untitled Bunker Hill House, Curtesy of Pat Hughes.

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  1. Very Cool! This catalogue is vast! I'm sure your family is really thrilled to have you putting your dad's work out for everyone to see. It is indeed treasure~