Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Untitled, Desert Scape

This desert scape was done while Dick was a member of the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association. The San Gabriel Fine Arts Association (SGFAA) is a non profit organization, founded in 1965 for the purpose of promoting traditional fine art in the community and to provide a venue for member artists to show their work. The association maintains a large group of over 200 members and represents all of Southern California and several states.
The San Gabriel Fine Arts Association has a long and impressive history. It began as The Art Guild in 1935 but was forced to close during World War II. In 1966 the Association reopened and has remained as a vital part of the arts community since that time. Such notables as Norman Rockwell, Frank Tenny Johnson, Arthur Beaumont, Sam Hyde-Harris, Los Angeles Times sketch artists Charles Owens, Clyde Forsythe, and Jack Wilkinson Smith, Karl Albert, Dan Toigo, Constance Marlow, Lester Bonar, Rosita Tseu, Lloyd Mitchell, and Darwin Duncan were among the first to exhibit with The Guild and/or The Fine Arts Association.

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