Saturday, August 7, 2010

Untitled, Three works using Pallet Knife

In the early sixties Dick was mastering the use of palette knife. Here are three examples.

Untitled, Large Sailing Vessel at Dock, 18x24 Oil on canvas, signed by Dick Burg.

The second I believe was signed later and was doled out in a group of painting as part of inheritance. The signature is unlike earlier signatures in part by its obtrusive white. Dick was suffering from Alzheimers later in like which could explain the uncharacteristic nature of signature. Reflections, Oil on Masonite, 12x16, by Dick Burg

This Oil, with its rich texture, loose application of paint and aggressive style, made for an exciting dock scene. There is indication of a blue under coat.

Untitled Dock with Boat 16x20 signed Oil by Dick Burg

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