Monday, October 11, 2010

Memorial For Dick Burg 1994

At the memorial for my father, held at the Muskingum house in 1994, I had the distinct pleasure in meeting Carl Albert. We had several conversations and before he left he invited me to visit his gallery, Two Feathers, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A couple of months later I did just that. He was not there at that time but I met his wife. I was able to see his work first hand. I saw that he and my father surly had an affinity for desert scenes.

Dick Burg Momorial 887 Musinigum, Bob Pomme, left and Carl Albert, right 1994.

#5 Palm Desert, California 1970, 20x24, Oil on Canvas Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

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