Saturday, October 16, 2010

Early Beginings

Here are just a portion of the books that Dick had in his art library. The others were distributed amongst his children.

An Age of Barns by Eric Sloane, published 1967. You can tell what pages he was interested in by the smudges of paint. Dick was impressed enough with Mr. Sloane to cut out, and keep in the book, the notice of the artist’s death, from the Los Angeles Times.

The Barn, A Vanishing Landmark in North America, by Eric Arthur and Dudley Witney, published 1972. Dick used strips of his Hallmark stationary to mark specific pages of interest.

Painting Cityscapes by Ralph Fabri.
How To Paint With A Knife by Coulton Waugh, published in 1971

The Complete Oil Painter by F. C. Johnston, published 1979
My Kind of Painting by Douglas Badcock, published 1978. There is some evidence that Dick may have gone to a show of Badcock’s at Challis Galleries in Laguna Beach, California, August of 1981.
Painting The Female Figure by Wallace Bassford, published 1967
Painting in Opaque Watercolor by Rudy De Reyna, published 1969
The Sea In Action by Earl Daniel’s, published by Walter T. Foster
How To Draw The Head, by Walter T. Foster
Norman Rockwell, Artist and Illustrator, published 1970 Abrams

Dick studied and copied out of Painting Sea and Shore, A Complete Guide to the Technique of Marine Painting in Oils by Harry R. Ballinger published in 1966. This tradition go back to the renaissance and of the thousands who copied the masters from the grand museums such as the Louvre in France.

Study, 20x24 oil on canvas. by Dick Burg, of a view of New York Harbor, by Harry R. Ballinger

Study, Oil on masonite, 18x24 By Dick Burg, of a practice subject by Harry R. Ballinger.

Study, Oil on Canvas by Dick Burg, of Tranquil Harbor by Harry R. Ballinger.

Study, Oil on Canvas, 12x20 by Dick Burg, of Moonlight by Harry R. Ballinger

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