Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rhythm in Art

What aspects of an artist come through their art? The portrait of this lady is awash in rhythm. My father grew up in roaring twenties and the swing era of the thirties and forties. He was a master of the Lindy Hop, a swing dance craze, whose name sake was Charles Lindbergh ,of The Spirit of St. Louis fame. In fact there is a Lindbergh Blvd that runs near Ladue. Dick loved to dance. He taught Patty and Laura how to dance. He enjoyed big band music and there was always dancing to the radio in the Northfield and Muskingum houses in Pacific Palisades.

My father was not a musician per se, but he could hold the loveliest of melodies you ever heard, by putting his lip together and whistling.

Pastel, Lady with Pony Tail, 16x20, Unsigned by Burg, Courtesy of Peter Burg.

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