Monday, October 11, 2010

It's The Hands

In his prime, Dick stood just a smidgen over 6 feet, had curly dark brown hair, and wore glasses from adolescence. There was one other distinctive attribute, he had tremendous hands ---thick, well proportioned hands. There is a theory that he transferred this to his figures. There is no doubt about it he was a hands man.

The lighting on the old timer’s arm, hand, and face are wonderfully imbued with an excited dance of colors and flashes of highlights. Dick weaves the pinks throughout the canvas bringing cohesiveness.

It's The Hands, 24x30, Oil on Gesso Masonite, Framed, Signed by Dick Burg, Courtesy of Melissa Burg Adkison.

As it appeared on Dick’s brochure.

Charcoal, Hands,18x24, Signed by Dick Burg, circa mid 50's, Courtesy of Peter Burg

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