Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ladue Shacks

I have to say, this one puzzles me. I’ve been to Ladue, a suburb of St Louis, and there are no shacks what so ever. You might say it is the Beverly Hills of St. Louis. I mean we are talking mansions, estates, grand colonial style gargantuan houses and lots the size of football fields. I am assuming Dick is trying to be humorous or he is giving us a sight of Ladue back when Martin Hanley arrived.
There are two qualities that make this a typical Dick Burg painting, the ”Dick Burg Dots” and the marine grays of the overcast sky.

#44 Ladue Shacks, 12x16, Acylic on Masonite, Framed, signed by Dick Burg, courtesy of Pat Hughes.

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