Monday, October 11, 2010

One Of Those Moments

In my studio where I have stored Dick’s art work, I am constantly astonished with what I fine. Who knows why it takes so long to do certain things. Maybe it is the reminder of loss, while going through his work. Maybe it is the responsibility of care. Maybe one has to be ready for the right time to tackle a project of this magnitude. Maybe it is the excuse of raising a family and complaining the there isn’t time. Maybe it is all of these reasons.

Charcoal on Paper, Large Woman from Back ,24x36, Signed by R. O. Burg, circa mid 50's.

But alas I have finally gotten around to exploring, photographing, and documenting the multitude of items. I feel like an historian discovering pieces to the great puzzle of civilization each time I pull a painting or drawing out from it’s storage bend. My heart starts to speed up when I see the aged, yellowing paper and then I unfold the work and behold a moment in time. Here is one of those moments.

Charcoal on Paper, Large Seated Woman ,24x36, Signed by R. O. Burg, circa mid 50's.

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